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MSc. Molecular Cell Biology
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About you and what you do.

As a Biology teacher I successfully instruct students at the KS3, GCSE, and A levels. Utilizing innovative teaching methods, I am able to effectively communicate complex biological concepts and prepare students for exams.

Students will have the opportunity to receive live, personalized, one-on-one biology classes for KS3, GCSE, and A levels. Students will also have the chance to get their doubts and queries solved by the expert biology tutor during the class. This will help students to gain a better understanding of the topics and improve their performance in exams.

Course Introduction

This course covers the fundamental concepts and principles of Biology, with a focus on the following topics: cell biology, organisation, infection and response, bioenergetics, homeostasis and response, inheritance, variation and evolution, and ecology.

The Cell Biology module covers the structure of cells, cell division, and transport in cells, with sample exam questions provided to reinforce learning.

The Organisation module covers animal and plant organisation, non-communicable diseases, and sample exam questions to aid in understanding.

In the Infection and Response module, communicable diseases, treating, curing and preventing disease, monoclonal antibodies, and plant disease are discussed, along with sample exam questions.

The Bioenergetics module covers photosynthesis, respiration, and sample exam questions to enhance understanding.

The Homeostasis and Response module delves into coordination and control, hormones in human reproduction, and plant hormones, as well as homeostasis in humans, and sample exam questions.

The Inheritance, Variation, and Evolution module explores reproduction, the genome and gene expression, genetic inheritance, variation, evolution, and the classification of living organisms, along with sample exam questions.

Finally, the Ecology module covers adaptations, interdependence and competition, organisation of an ecosystem, decomposition, biodiversity and the effect of human interaction on ecosystems, trophic levels in an ecosystem, and food production, with sample exam questions provided to consolidate knowledge.

Overall, this course provides a comprehensive introduction to Biology, with a focus on key topics and sample exam questions to aid in preparation for assessment.

I am helping students achieve their academic goals and prepare for exams. Based in Nottingham, I have extensive knowledge of the GCSE curriculum and use innovative and engaging teaching methods to deliver comprehensive lessons.
One will receive live online classes.

Doubt solving during the session.

MSc. Molecular Cell Biology 

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1. Cell Biology

Cell structure

Cell division 

Transport in cells

Sample exam questions - cell biology

2. Organisation

Animal organisation - gaseous exchange systems 

Animal organisation - digestion 

Animal organisation - transport systems 

Plant organisation 

Non-communicable diseases 

Sample exam questions - organisation 

3. Infection and Response

Communicable diseases 

Treating, curing and preventing disease 

Monoclonal antibodies - Higher 

Plant disease 

Sample exam questions - infection and response 

4. Bioenergetics



Sample exam questions - bioenergetics

5. Homeostasis and Response

Coordination and control - The nervous system 

Coordination and control - The human endocrine system 

Hormones in human reproduction 

Homeostasis in humans 

Plant hormones 

Sample exam questions - homeostasis and response

6. Inheritance, variation and evolution

Reproduction, the genome and gene expression 

Genetic inheritance 



Classification of living organisms 

Sample exam questions - inheritance, variation and evolution 

7. Ecology

Adaptations, interdependence and competition 

Organisation of an ecosystem 


Biodiversity and the effect of human interaction on ecosystems

Trophic levels in an ecosystem

Food production 

Sample exam questions - ecology

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