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The class will be an all inclusive course for covering various topics in English language and more importantly examination techniques. I focus on encouraging the student to express themselves using the best form of language. Along with this I highly believe developing the confidence in the child to address their exam paper without fear and apprehension by ensuring maximum past paper practice. Join the one to one class for this experience. 

Course Introduction

An all inclusive course over view with exam paper practice and technique. 
Special focus on reading, writing and mind mapping techniques. At this stage it is more about knowing how to solve the paper in the given time in the most effective manner. Hands on paper practice and familiarization. 
I believe in practice makes perfect! encourage the student to practice and respond. 
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  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Sunday
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  • 15pm-18pm
National curriculum 

Serious students who wish to learn and excel. 

10% discount on a two hour session for all students appearing for the GCSEs this May.

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