English Conversation Course

General Introduction

English Conversation is a course offered by NERRG Global Academy is exclusively designed for non-native English speakers where we teach them how to have a conversation in English, including how to introduce yourself when meeting someone new and the terminology needed to build relationships and friendships. A good conversation is the best technique to make daily activities better and enhances ones reputation in professional, academic and personal settings. This course will give you the confidence you need to say hello to a stranger, friend, family member, work place colleague, subordinate or superior the next time, ensuring that you face no difficulties in representing yourself in front of an audience.

Who should take this course?

Any non-native English speaker who is traveling to an English speaking country and wants to learn basic to advance English speaking skills can take this course. Although our course is designed for non-native English speakers, but even native English speakers are welcome to join our course.

What do I achieve from this course?

Pupils opting for our English Conversation Course will receive a thorough training about how to hold conversation with your peers, acquaintances, teachers, seniors, strangers and others who speak in English. We offer a step by step guide beginning from basic introduction techniques, all the way to how to advanced conversations in professional settings.

Is this course necessary?

This course is for anyone who wishes to enhance their English speaking skills and is not necessary at all. However, we recommend you to take this course if you’re new to UK or any other English speaking country and are facing difficulties in holding conversations with others around. This course is highly beneficial for anyone traveling to an English Speaking country for recreational, educational or work purposes.

In case of any issues or complains, feel free to contact us!